Men On Edge is Hot Guys Tied and Begging to Cum.

Male Bondage At Its Finest

Men are bound and made helpless by infamous director Van Darkholme, an expert in male BDSM. Filmed images of men in painful BDSM situations and brutal rope play show what lengths Van will go through to try out his new toys and inventive methods.

Men Dominating Men

Our videos depict assholes being entered with huge insertion toys. These are some of the most intense and personal examples of male domination. New, unused men are captured and thrown into situations where their assholes are no longer theirs and their bulging muscles and dicks belong to one Master Dom, who refuses to let them loose from his control.

Anal Insertion Sex Toys

Not only do they get their dicks cupped with beautifully blown glass sex toys, these men get the shaft of makeshift sticks tipped with giant dildos in their manholes for good measure. Who knows where Van gets his lovely toys but they, along with his subs, will all get used.

Male Orgasm Denial

Boner friendly handjobs will induce screaming, squirting and jizzing from rock hard, begging dicks that are denied their due. Hands, Hitachis, sticks, dildos and all forms of mental and physical coersions are used on submissive men to deny orgasm to the point of complete anguish. Once their dicks are so engorged that they are vertical, male edgeplay really begins with cruel orgasm control . Taken to the brink of orgasm, these poor first-time bound babes are prevented from climax. This male edging seems goes on longer than you would think any human can take but then permission is finally granted and cum goes vigorously squirting.

Gay Edging Videos

Our gay edgeplay videos show tense moments of cock-teasing and orgasm-withholding starring the freshest man meat Van Darkholme can find for your pleasure. Watch as subjects become panicked to cum, edging closer with every stroke of their cocks, only to succumb to complete disappointment when no ejaculation is to be had in the gay cock-teasing marathon.

But don't fret while longing for variety in your edging films. With Men on the Edge, the fun isn't just exclusive to gay subs. Some formerly very straight men get turned gay with irresistible dick-loving care from skilled Master of Edging Pleasure. Gay Bondage

Dominant male, Van Darkholme overwhelms and ties up first-time submissive males with rope and makes them go through the paces of the pain of not being about to orgasm. The domination in these videos is the type of psychological BDSM known as a mind fuck . Don't be fooled however, the bondage is just the tip of the iceberg, you won't believe what you see in our gay BDSM videos .

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